What Are Clents Are Saying About Us...

I have been working with Diane Dixon for over two years and have found her very impactful, both to my personal practice business and office as a managing director for Northwestern Mutual. Diane's knowledge of our industry has been most valuable to coach us through the struggles of our businesses. She has been very effective and focusing us on the important activities of our business model and providing benchmarks for improvement. Diane knows how to ask the harder questions, but also is very consultative in her approach to set up goals and give us a vision in order to hit those goals. Highly recommend her as a consultant for anybody in the financial service industry and certainly you will see a big impact in your business over a 12-month and beyond period.  

David S. Hood
Managing Director
Northwestern Mutual
St. Petersburg, FL

“As a business strategist & coach, I understand the critical role we play in taking a client's business to the next level which is precisely the reason I hired Denise! Coaches need coaches, and having known Denise for years I knew that she would provide me with just the right amount of out-of-the-box thinking, brainstorming, accountability and genuine love & caring. Denise has managed to help me not only in my business life, but in my personal life as well. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, I would HIGHLY recommend you check her out!”

Kristin Andree
Business Consultant/Author/Speaker
Atlanta, GA

"As my coach, Diane has come to understand my business process, my team members, and my goals and expectations. Knowing that I can get weekly input, feedback, and observations has provided me with accountability and a valuable resource for building my practice. Her background and understanding of my business affords us both the opportunity to address issues and problems a lot more quickly and directly than I might without her insight. She is very understanding, thoughtful, and gets to the heart of the matter quickly. She isn’t afraid to identify failure strategies or communicate things to me that I may not admit to myself. Her role also provides a resource to my team members so that they can better understand their roles and value of their contribution to our practice. She is also not shy about articulating problems or identifying processes or people that are not contributing to our success. Diane provides timely and thoughtful insights into personal and business goal setting for me and then works with me and my team to devise realistic strategies to increase my chances for accomplishing those goals."  

Michael J. McNeil, CLU ChFC, CASL
Wealth Managemant Advisor
Fairfield, CT

“In a phrase, Denise "gets me". I've sensed some coaches have a certain track they are accustomed to running on, and they rather try to 'fit you into it'. There is value there, but Denise's guidance is uniquely personalized. She helps me focus in on what I most need to make progress with (which given I'm more than a tad ADD, is an accomplishment). 

Denise guides me in a fashion so as to create a partnership, a shared commitment that I feel comfortable and motivated to tackle because we discussed it thoroughly, and framed it in a way that seems natural and doable to commit to. I'm not overwhelmed or intimidated by feeling I'm trying to become someone I'm not. Rather, Denise is truly helping me to become my 'best self', very holistically and I must add, enjoyably. We have fun! I look forward to our time together; her flexibility, follow-up and reliability are exceptional, all coming from a solid foundation of life and business experience. I can tell that for her, like me, while this is a job, it is also a passion. In Denise, I not only have a Coach but a mentor, partner, friend.”

Sheila Roesler, CFP® CLU ChFC AEP® CASL
Wealth Management Advisor
Indianapolis, IN

"I was skeptical of coaching, at first. I couldn’t imagine why I would need to hire a coach to tell me what I already knew how to do. Having been a public accountant and Senior Financial Officer for a large corporation, I knew I had the analytical skills to be successful in my choice of a post-retirement career as a Wealth Management Advisor. What I didn’t realize was the value Diane would bring to my practice, as my coach, who helped me set my focus on the variables in this business that would really make a difference. Her knowledge of the One Page Business Plan, along with her experience and history in this industry, allowed her to keep me motivated and focused to generate great results. Since hiring Diane, I qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table, two years in a row, in a very competitive industry."

Daniel Dittman
Wealth Management Advisor
Beavercreek, OH

“I have found Denise to be highly professional, thoughtful and straight forward. She will challenge you to expand your comfort zone to help you grow personally and professionally. I enjoy having Denise as a coach because of her constructive, positive guidance. Her knowledge and expertise in developing a One Page Business Plan will help you set a vision and create the business you want! Hiring Denise has proven to be a great business decision.”

Sharon Keller
Health Coach
Spring Valley, OH

Diane is a very special coach.  She has a wonderful way about her that helps keep me accountable and open minded in a very caring fashion.  Diane is chock full of great ideas and tools to help me continuously improve myself and my business in pursuit of my goals and vision.  She is the ideal coach for responsible entrepreneurs in pursuit of their grand visions!

Todd Robison
Financial Representative
Cedar Point Financial
Fairfield, CT

“Hiring staff is critically important to my business. Having guidance and input from Denise throughout the hiring process -- as well as her expertise in administering and interpreting the "Leading From Your Strengths" assessment -- was extremely valuable and gave me the confidence that I was making the correct hiring decision.”

Robert Billingsley, J.D., CLU®, ChFC®, CLTC
Financial Advisor
Fredricksburg, VA

Diane has helps me stay focused on a short term basis to achieve weekly goals that ultimately lead to the achievement of yearly goals. She helps crystallize what is important and helps move me in that direction. She holds me accountable to my weekly goals, which is something I need, to be successful. By working smarter not harder, I had my best year without any cold calling. Her style is not invasive or abusive. Rather it is very professional; a “loving” in your face experience. ‘This is what YOU said you were going to do. Your goals not mine. How are you going to get back on track?’ Her genius is that she was in the business so she can relate to the tasks and challenges we are constantly facing. The people who want to work with Diane are those people who need some structure in their practice, accountability and another set of eyes and ears to drive them to the next level.

Daniel J. Orlovsky
Wealth Managemant Advisor
Northwestern Mutual
Fairfield, CT

“Denise continues to help develop our team and strategize on making sure we choose the right people to fill our gaps. She communicates effectively and makes sure we understand everything so that we make the best decision. She continues to provide great services and results to make sure our team is successful. If you are wondering about hiring her, stop thinking and do it! She's amazing and will help you grow tremendously!”

Thomas Goes
Managing Partner - Northwestern Mutual
Orlando, Florida

“Hiring the right team members is always a difficult task. I was so grateful to have Denise's and Diane's assistance with my last hire. They helped administer "Leading from Your Stengths" assessments for my top candidates. In the past, I would go with my gut but that didn't prove to be successful. This time I felt so much more confident in my top pick because I had matched her with the exact job skills I was looking for. I wouldn't want to go without the assessments again. Thanks 3F Coaching!”

Juli McNeely
Owner/President at McNeely Financial Services, Inc.
NAIFA President 2014-2015
Spencer, WI

"Coaching with Denise has truly been one of the most beneficial things I have chosen to do. I was at a point in my life when I was unsure which direction to head in many aspects of my life. She was able to work with me to not only find an exciting and fulfilling career path but also work through financial and personal issues to ensure an overall better lifestyle. She gave me tools and guidance which led me down a path where I could see improvement and success without discouragement. I would recommend Denise's coaching skills to anyone. Regardless of your situation, I believe she would be able to build upon the circumstances and help any individual. Denise's strength in the coaching process is being able to see light in any situation and give solid direction. I will continue to build on what I have learned to ensure the continued success of my future.”

Katie Biggers
Keysville, VA

Diane has really helped me by asking me great questions that encourage me think on a deeper level and get to the underlying issues and concerns I have.  I appreciate her direct and to-the-point style. When I hire Diane I know I am hiring her for what she does best – narrow the focus, ask great questions and give very honest feedback. Her real genius is in the language she provides. She often helps me ponder through complex situations with staff and clients. I would encourage financial reps, their staff and field management to work with Diane because she has tremendous insight into the financial services industry as a whole.

Rebecca Bast
Wealth Managemant Advisor
Northwestern Mutual
Tampa, Florida

As a coach myself, I have gained tremendous value from working with Denise to sharpen my skills and continue to grow and develop myself. Denise's insight and wisdom gently guides me down paths I would be unlikely to discover on my own. Her encouraging style and enthusiasm for my success keeps me motivated and knowing I have to be accountable to her helps keep me on track to accomplish my goals step by step. Denise is also a valuable brainstorming partner and helps me sift through the million "great ideas" I get to see which ones are worth developing further. I don't know what I'd do without her!

Sabine Robinson, CLU
Development Specialist
St. Louis, MO

“Denise did an exceptional job at coaching me on the things that I was specifically requesting help with. I was seeking a career change, and simply wanted advice and assurance that I was making the right move. In only a few coaching sessions, she got my resume where it needed to be and helped me to realize what type of career would be best suited for me. I really learned a lot about myself through the personality test that she administered for me, and I am now in a career that truly makes me happy. Thanks Denise!”

Michael Brinkley
Pensacola, FL


I worked with Denise for 6 weeks and let me tell you, the timing couldn’t have been better! I was in a transitional stage in my life and Denise helped me organize my plans and held me accountable for seeing those plans through. She’s very patient, empathetic and honest. She helped me “cut the fat” out of my life so I could focus my time and energy on my goals. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that certain people are brought into our lives on purpose. The timing of Denise coming into my life during that period was planned. I am very thankful for her and I highly recommend her services to anyone yearning to take their life to the next level!

Jordan Barnes
iZigg Mobile Marketing

"Diane helps me focus on my strengths. Together, we decide what can be accomplished and then put together a plan to meet my goals. One area that we have spent significant time on is “having my needs met.” Diane helped me identify what those needs are so that I can make a conscious effort to get them met which in turn gives me the strength to do a better job and stay focused on positive things in the business."

Laurie Leja, CLTC
Financial Representative
Northwestern Mutual
Skokie, Illinois

I gave my 25 year old son a "gift" of 6 coaching sessions with Denise. This turned out to be one of the best gifts I could have given him at this point of his life. He gained clarity and direction at a time in his life when he really needed it.

Edward Barnes
Manager, Business Development
Louisville, KY

"Diane’s coaching has made it possible for me to reorganize my business for maximum production. She has helped me do this by being flexible in her coaching techniques to meet my current needs. At times this means talking me through problems and providing her right on target “view from afar.” At other times this has meant working with my team to help them plan or get over a difficult hurdle. She has helped with staffing concerns, networking, red-letter language, long-term planning, and far too many things to mention."

Arthea (Charlie) S. Reed, PH.D
Financial Representative
Northwestern Mutual
Ashville, North Carolina

After working with counselors on and off for several years, I wanted something different than counseling had to offer. Denise explained to me that a coach runs alongside you, helping you discovering what your goals are and encouraging you to reach them. Lost in being everything to everyone else, I didn't know who I was anymore. Once I completed the strengths assessment, we were able to discover some core things about myself I had long forgotten. Uncovering these strengths with Denise’s coaching, I have been able to work on getting my life back to the way I want it. We now are in the process of building my business plan and I am excited to see what is around the corner with her!

Missy Montreuil
Mane Point Hair Salon
Xenia, OH

"As a veteran in the planning business, sometimes we can lose emphasis on having good activity. Diane helps keep me accountable, and the accountability alone is worth her fee. The good advice I receive from her is even better."

Mitch Barnes, CLU, ChFC, RIA, LIC
Family Wealth Counseling
Louisville, Kentucky

"Diane’s coaching helped me be accountable on a weekly basis so I could reach The Forum (top producers with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network). I enjoyed Diane’s pearls of sage and wisdom, not only business related but also life related combined with values that I admire. Diane is direct - holding you accountable in a gracious way and understands your motivations and reminds you of them in a professional manner."

Marianne McGeary
Financial Advisor
Northwestern Mutual
Boca Raton, Florida

Denise has given me insight, structure, accountability, and focus in a way that I wasn’t sure was possible. She is a constant cheerleader helping me to push myself to my full potential. I quickly found myself being more productive each day through big and small changes. Most of all, I found that I gained a greater sense of accomplishment at the end of each day through goal setting and processes developed with Denise’s help! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to push themselves in the direction of their dreams.

Cheryl Sheik
Outside Sales Rep
Unique Carpets Ltd
Ventura, CA

 “Aristotle believed that man is born with ALL knowledge within him.  Man simply needs help uncovering or discovering that knowledge. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Aristotle was coached by someone like Diane. Diane has directed me through self-discovery, challenged me to tear down my boundaries, given me a system of accountability and “cheered” me on through difficult adventures.  Most importantly, her faith-based approach has helped me keep my perspective and guide me in my relationship with God and those around me. I have worked with Diane for the past six years.  During that time Diane’s coaching has helped me take my career to the next level by becoming CFO of a publicly traded company with a management team that I respect and can grow within. She assisted me with negotiating the sale of an internet bank, at a time when most banks were shuttering such subsidiaries, and we sold it for a substantial premium. She helped me steer the emotional valleys of infertility.  By the way, we are now due in June (I cannot give Diane credit for that part).”

Steve Fowle
Chief Financial Officer
Wilmington, Deleware

Denise brought an invaluable resource to our clinic, teaching us how people communicate and how we can effectively communicate with each other. We are a six doctor, 14 staff member mixed-animal practice that is passionate about the service we provide to our clients, their pets and farm animals. Denise helped us realize our potential as a team by using our communication “Do's and Don't's” to address situations that used to divide us which led to stagnation and frustration that decrease our effectiveness as a practice. The tools that Denise provides to us increase our efficiency and strengthen our bond with our clients, patients and each other. As the business owner, I am no longer frustrated by my dislike of confrontation because I now have the confidence and resources to handle the most difficult situations. I would strongly recommend Denise to anyone who is passionate about their work and cares for the well-being of their staff.

Brett F. Ellis, DVM
Veterinary Associates, Inc.
Xenia, OH

"Denise has helped me to navigate tough decisions, work on assertiveness and find my footing in life's pitfalls. Her coaching is grounded in the Christian faith and brings me a Godly focus and perspective that is tailor-made to grow my confidence and build on my strengths. I value her skills and friendship and recommend her straight-forward and direct approach to coaching on any level."

Gail Wills
Office Manager
Westlake Community Church
Indianapolis, Indiana

"Diane has a good heart and a keen mind. She does not shy away from tough conversations. She is insightful in her questions and asks them without bias or judgment. She’s a terrific listener and, ultimately, an advocate for the person being coached because she really cares about people individually. Diane doesn’t have prescribed solutions: she’s really a life coach and each life, and its challenges, is unique. She gets that."

John Sheaffer
Northwestern Mutual, Emeritus
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


"Diane exemplifies integrity – following through on what you say you are going to do. Her mission and purpose are always in alignment with her passion. She doesn’t work on anything that she is not passionate about, personally or professionally. Commitment, dedication, energy and a laser focus saturate her work ethic that continually moves herself and her work to the next level. While Diane is focused, she doesn’t take herself or her work too serious and always manages to interject humor and fun. Anyone who is looking for consistent and constant growth needs to have a coach. Diane is a coach who intimately cares enough to encourage you, expect you to think bigger than you ever thought possible, while helping you develop a roadmap, and holding you accountable to follow through. Diane doesn’t expect anything from you that she doesn’t expect of herself – she lives her lessons! That is, in my opinion, her differentiating factor!"

Jessica Lawless
Assistant Director – Vertical Growth
Northwestern Mutual
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Quick decision making and commitment to personal excellence is essential in my role as a flight nurse. While my core style is a perfect fit for my job, this personality type can take a toll on personal relationships. The Leading From Your Strengths assessment and Denise’s facilitated interpretation has amazingly allowed me to understand the value of my core strengths and communication style; inspiring me to incorporate those strengths into other aspects of my world.

Mary Lou Daugherty, RN, CEN, EMT-P
Flight Nurse
CareFlight Air and Mobile Services at Miami Valley Hospital
Dayton, Ohio

I have found my coaching relationship with Diane to be an interesting paradox. I know I have been the genesis to the changes that have so positively impacted my life. However, I simultaneously know they would have remained immature thoughts dancing around in my mind had Diane not been working with me to help me bring out my best. If you are wondering whether it is worth the investment to engage a coach like Diane, I can tell you in my experience, both the money and the time have given me great reward.

John Geraghty
Legacy Leadership Forum, LLC

Denise Davis... brilliant... brilliant in her clarity and ability to pinpoint issues... brilliant in her ability to help find solutions and structure accountability to insure the success of those solutions. When one thinks of a person we most often think of how we feel in their presence. After I have been in the presence of Denise, in person, on the phone or even by email, I am always elevated to a higher level and I always have a smile.  Denise has been an instrumental part of my successful marriage and coaching practice. She has helped me to live a purposeful life with authenticity and integrity based in love and laced with humor. Thank you Denise for all that you do.

Jane E. Donaldson
JDExchange, International Executive and Life Coaching Services
Tomah, WI USA / Paris, France

Denise Davis is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Not only does she believe in herself but she believes in me.  She has made me feel as though I can achieve anything! I have made powerful choices and goals by thinking them through and brainstorming with her. She gets right to the tough questions and has supported me in creating a vision about what I want and how to achieve it! She has encouraged and inspired me to pursue my dream of being a life coach, living authentically and changing the world!

Connie Cusick
Life Coach
Fairfield, Connecticut

Denise has been a friend and mentor to me for a long time, but I have recently had the privilege to become a client which has deepened our friendship and broadened my respect for her.  She is living proof of her commitment to her life’s mission to inspire people to move toward their goals to live larger lives.  She has taken a step of faith that has inspired me to do the same.  Her insight and knowledge has been very helpful in my journey to find my mission and possibly a new career.  She has provided practical tools and motivating exercises that have moved me forward.  Denise’s enthusiasm is contagious and she is as authentic as they come.

Peggy S. Heckaman, M.S., LMHC
Plainfield, IN

"In the 20 years that I have been in the business, I’ve never met anyone who is better at looking at a situation and listening to a problem and clearly communicating the way to approach and create a positive outcome. Diane helps me get out of my box and look at things from a perspective that is different than the one I’ve accumulated over the years. When you’ve been around as long as I have, it’s sometimes difficult to do that, and Diane has been amazingly helpful in that area. Diane is one of those rare people who understand the nuts and bolts of our business, as well as the dynamics of coaching. As good as I’ve always thought I was spending time with Diane Dixon has always made me better."

Scott Schwartz, CFP
Fairfield, New Jersey