How are coaching services delivered?

Most of our coaching is done by phone. We offer individual coaching as well as group coaching by phone. We also offer on site workshops, keynotes and a variety of other programs and packages.

Is coaching similar to therapy?

Faith · Focus · Follow Through Coaching is NOT therapy. Therapy is designed to help you deal with your past and get closure with family concerns or negative life experiences. 3Fcoaching takes up where therapy leaves off and moves you forward in your life. It works best for people who are ready to step out on faith and focus on goals by following through with an action plan that moves them towards living a larger life.

Why do I need a coach?

Serious athletes, actors and politicians have understood the value of being coached in order to achieve their highest potential. These professionals would never “go it alone” without a coach, so why should you? If you could have achieved your desired life without a coach – you would have already done it!

Am I a person who could benefit from Faith Focus Follow Through Coaching?

Yes, if you are a person who experiences one or more of the following…

Is it time for me to get back on course?

You started out with lofty dreams, passionate goals and a desire to make a difference in your world. You set out to climb that mountain and set your sight on the path…but somewhere along the way you stumbled off course. Perhaps your original route became clouded with dust. Maybe the heat waves of life parched the ground and left you thirsty in the desert longing for that refreshing drink at the end of the road. Or it’s possible that you never quite knew where you were going in the first place. Do you long for someone to help you get real, take an honest look at your life and face the reality of what is and isn’t working? If your answer is yes, contact us because we have the tools to help you chart a course that will expand your horizons and put you on track for living a larger life.

How do I get started?

Contact Denise or Diane for a complimentary session to clarify the focus and determine if our coaching partnership is a fit for you. At that point, we will schedule an initial coaching call and begin the coaching journey.