Individual Coaching


Customized Individual Coaching. . . It’s about YOU!

The main focus is YOU! It is easy for most people to work ‘in’ their business or to be busy in their life going from one task to the next. It is not as easy to work ‘on’ your business or to work ‘on’ your life; taking the time to step back and ask yourself some very important questions. When we are coaching, we are working ‘on’ your business and life.

Some clients hire us for a specific focus such as helping them break through their prospecting barriers, building and strengthening their team or helping them get a better handle on blending all their roles. Some clients hire us to simply help them sort through the gap between where they are and where they really want to be.

We have learned that most people don’t plan to fail, and they don’t just fail to plan. All too often they simply fail to implement their plan. Our role is to make sure you are planning and designing your business and life in a way that inspires you. And to make sure you are implementing your plan and following through.

Generally our coaching begins with the following:

  1. Strengths Assessment
  2. Client Data Form
  3. Client Discovery Questionnaire
  4. List of Tolerations