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“My students greatly enjoyed this program. They were actively engaged in dynamic and interactive lessons and activities that promoted good character qualities and a healthy lifestyle. I saw positive growth in my students as they worked hard towards becoming-the-best-version-of-themselves! I would love to do this program for our kids again next year.” 

Miss Janae James
Cox Elementary
3rd grade teacher

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

Cox Elementry Miss Janae James
Cox Elementary School

Diane Dixon and Denise Davis, of 3FCoaching, partnered with Cox Elementary School and The Matthew Kelly Foundation (TMKF), to bring the message of “becoming-the-best-version-of-yourself” to the third grade classes of Cox Elementary. Matthew Kelly, best-selling author of The Rhythm of Life, launched his first children’s book, Why Am I Here? In the book he introduces the character of Max.  “When The Matthew Kelly Foundation introduced this program to its supporters, we (3FCoaching) knew immediately that we wanted to sponsor the program for all of the third grade classes at Cox where we attended elementary school.” said Dixon. 

Almost every moment of every day, children find themselves confronted with countless questions and opportunities. Life is full of choices, and each choice a child makes impacts their life. The program consists of eight lessons that help children make a wise choice which in turn helps them in their quest to becoming-the-best-version-of-themselves! “The classroom kits are amazing, and make it so easy for teacher’s to say “yes” and integrate this learning into their class environment. The book, a class doll mascot, posters, pre-planned lessons, activity sheets, wrist bands, pencils, stickers, book-marks…it’s truly amazing”, remarks Denise!” 

When the children were asked what it means to become -the-best-version-of-yourself, they said, “It means that we can be the best person we can be by being nice to others and eating healthy foods.” (Cierra Anderson) “It means being a better person both inside and outside.” (Zion Valenca) “It means that we need to make the right choices in every minute of every day.” (Tyler Younker) When asked, “What did you think of the lessons and the materials that came in the kit?”  One student said, pointing to his wrist band, “They helped us remember our goals and spread our message of becoming-the-best-version-of-ourselves.”  Another student said, “Max encourages us and helps us find our way to making the right choices.” 

Cox elemerty class

For the 3rd year in a row, Diane Dixon and Denise Davis, of 3FCoaching, partnered with Cox Elementary School and The Matthew Kelly Foundation (TMKF), to bring the message of “becoming-the-best-version-of-yourself” to the third grade classes of Cox Elementary.

The State of Ohio mandates that teachers must teach “health class” to third graders, yet they do not provide the schools or teachers with specific curriculum or resources to do so. The program, provided to Cox Elementary third graders by Dixon and Davis of 3F Coaching, provides all of the resources necessary to fulfill this requirement.The classroom kits include all of the necessary materials (lesson plans, activity sheets, rewards, books, posters, etc.) to teach eight character lessons; making great choices, building strong habits, developing good friendships, and much more!

Donor Spotlight: Denise Davis, 3F Coaching

Though her relationship with Toward Independence (TI) began by complete chance, Xenia-native and accomplished businesswoman Denise Davis has become a regular donor and supporter of our agency. Denise is the youngest of five children and spent her entire childhood in Xenia, graduating in 1979. Her career focus has been working with nonprofit organizations and local school districts in the areas of strategic planning and communication.

Denise’s sister, Diane Dixon, launched Faith Focus Follow Through Coaching (aka 3F Coaching) in 2001, and Denise joined her practice in 2004. 3F Coaching is now a national business that provides customized coaching services to individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, companies and their staff, and sales executives.  “The coaching offered is created specifically for what the client needs and wants that will move them toward a future that is bigger than their past,” Denise says.

Denise’s involvement with TI began by chance, literally.  “My father passed away two years ago, which was heartbreaking and devastating for the whole family,” shares Denise. As a means of healing, my mother, my siblings, and our families began meeting together on Sundays at my brother’s farm for a time of prayer and worship. We met regularly for about a year as we worked through our grief. All of us come from a solid faith background and naturally wondered how we would give our tithes and offerings because we were not in a traditional church setting. That’s when we decided to write the names of the many nonprofit organizations in Xenia on a small piece of paper and pick one each month to give our offerings to. My brother, Dale Dixon of Dale Dixon Home Improvements and the Dixon Family Farm, talked about TI and its services and impact at one of our ‘farm church’ services.”

Though Denise came to know TI through her brother during a time of grief and healing, her involvement with TI did not end with a one-time donation. After making a donation, Denise began receiving TI’s quarterly Insight newsletter, and says that she found herself inspired by the work TI does and the people we help. “It is very important [the work of TI]. Every person is valuable and deserves an opportunity to be the best version of his or herself and live the fullest life possible. Some need a little more help than others; the young, the poor, the disabled, the seniors. We are our brother’s keepers,” Denise states. Other members of Denise’s family are also involved with TI, making donations to various campaigns, purchasing Inner I Gallery products, and championing our cause.

In addition to working with 3F Coaching and supporting TI, Denise is involved in the Xenia community in a myriad of ways. She is on the board of directors for the Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce, where she has served in a variety of offices (including Chair) and on multiple committees. She also enjoys supporting and advocating for The Cleft student center, and is a regular donor for the Xenia Adult Recreation and Service Center and Joni and Friends.

“Being active participants in and donors to organizations within our community is very important to us – it’s just the right thing to do,” says Denise. “To whom much is given, much is required. We are very blessed with a wonderful family, good health, and great careers, but the greatest blessing comes in giving back.”

We at TI are honored to have Denise and her family members involved with TI, and are grateful for their passionate support of our mission, helping individuals with developmental disabilities to live the fullest life possible!


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