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Meet Denise and Diane

3F Coaching (Faith · Focus · Follow Through Coaching) is a national coaching business providing dynamic business and life planning, and nutritious support and accountability to people who want a larger life. The value of our coaching comes from being rooted in a solid foundation of integrity, generosity and a conviction to live what we coach.

Our coaching includes but is not limited to coaching entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives and sales professionals in a group or individual setting with a special focus on those in the financial services industry but certainly not exclusive to that industry.

In our coaching, the main focus is you! We have found, it is easy for most people to work ‘in’ their business or to be busy in their life going from one task to the next. It is not as easy to work ‘on’ your business or to work ‘on’ your life; taking the time to step back and ask yourself some very important questions. When we are coaching, we are working ‘on’ your business and life.

Some clients hire us for a specific focus such as helping them break through their prospecting barriers or guiding them as they build and strengthen their team or helping them to get a better handle on blending all their roles. Together we set the coaching agenda and focus. We help you think through what makes the most sense.

What we have learned is that most people don’t plan to fail, and they don’t just fail to plan. All too often they simply fail to implement their plan. Our role is to make sure you are planning and designing your business and life in a way that inspires you. And to make sure you are implementing your plan and following through and becoming the “best version of you”.

“Diane has directed me through self-discovery, challenged me to tear down my boundaries, given me a system of accountability and “cheered” me on through difficult adventures”

Steve Fowle
Chief Financial Officer
Wilmington, Delewar

“Denise continues to help develop our team and strategize on making sure we choose the right people to fill our gaps. She communicates effectively and makes sure we understand everything so that we make the best decision. She continues to provide great services and results to make sure our team is successful. If you are wondering about hiring her, stop thinking and do it! She's amazing and will help you grow tremendously!”

Thomas Goes
Managing Partner - Northwestern Mutual
Orlando, Florida